20 MLB Trades We Need to See As Deadline Approaches

Yankees Acquire Andrew Benintendi

After spending years beating up on the Yankees, we’re going out on a limb to suggest that the Italian-American outfielder will now help the Bronx Bombers. Benintendi is having a fantastic year for Kansas City — batting .314 (as of July 13th) for the Royals. A year earlier, the speedy outfielder won a Gold Glove. Benintendi has a proclivity for making contact/not striking out. He’s also a left-handed bat. When looking at the Yankees’ right-handed dominant line-up with a propensity for striking out, the Ohio native is a perfect fit. In the process, the sight of Benintendi in pinstripes would make the city of Boston’s proverbial skin crawl to no end.

Image Source: USA TODAY Sports