The Worst College For Your Money In Each State

Alaska — University of Alaska Anchorage

Avg. Tuition: $13,288
Avg. Income 6 years post graduation: $45,400

On the surface, this doesn’t look too terrible. Alaska is considered to be a rather affordable place to live. Tuition is relatively low compared to most places, and the average salary six years post-graduation is actually pretty decent (especially if you decided to continue to live in Alaska).

If we’re reaching for a fault, we could point to the graduation rates. According to a report, the University of Alaska-Anchorage has a graduation rate of only 30-percent. What is the reason behind that low number? We aren’t entirely sure — though we have to think the student experience might not be tremendously fun based upon that numerical statistic.

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Oregon — Western Oregon University

Avg. Tuition: $16,875
Avg. Income 6 years post graduation: $31,000

Opting to go to Western Oregon University is probably not the best choice for Oregon residents. It’s a potentially disastrous choice for anybody residing outside of Oregon. Western Oregon boasts one of the highest out-of-state tuition costs for a public school. Non-residents are asked to pay over $25,000 in tuition alone – and that’s not including books, housing or transportation. Of course, graduates of the program can expect a higher yearly income than their peers. Western Oregon grads earn around $41,000 on average after 10 years of work experience – which will be used to pay off the median student loan debt of $24,000.

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