The 30 Most Expensive Homes In The World

30. New York, NY: $76 Million

Located adjacent to Central Park, this fantastic duplex apartment is the epitome of class and sophistication. Though originally priced at $120 million, it’s recently been listed at a reduced price. Prospective buyers will be interested in knowing that this magnificent property features 10 bathrooms and seven bedrooms. When factoring in its prime location within New York City — coupled with the view of Central Park — this is a striking residence.

Image Source: Street Easy

29. Beverly Hills, CA: $77.5 Million

Positioned in the iconic hamlet of Beverly Hills, this 2.15 acre property is quintessentially Los Angeles. The expansive property is dotted with robust greenery. Spacial composition is further enhanced by the presence of a pool, fruit trees, and an outdoor garden. Duly, the five-bedroom space comes equipped with a two-story workout facility — which includes a sauna, a steam room, and two gyms. With the health-conscious nature of Los Angeles buzzing as loudly as ever, this property is a major boon for all interested parties.

Image Source: HiltonHyland