Ranking The 25 Most Beautiful Ferraris Ever Made

25. 342 America (1952)

The 1952 342 America begins our list as one of the most beautiful Ferrari’s ever made. The front engine vehicle was first crafted as a luxury item for wealthy individuals. Pininfarina was responsible for designing this beauty. At the time, only six of these cars were produced within the first two years of its existence.

Image Source: Sotheby’s

24. 355 Berlinetta (1996)

This mid-engine triumph was one of only 11,165 built during the five-year period in which these models were created. The F355 Berlinetta from 1996 features an eight-cylinder engine with a whopping 375 HP. This car most notably is known for its performance — both on the open road and also whilst traversing down more treacherous terrain. One look at this vehicle will have vintage collectors in awe of the collective aesthetic beauty.

Image Source: Ryan Friedman Motor Cars