Ranking The 20 Best Places To Travel On A Tight Budget

20. Nicaragua

Nicaragua gets a bad reputation for some national turmoil during the 1980s in which the country was undergoing a revolution. However, many are now finding that Nicaragua is not only a perfectly safe place to travel, but the country boasts some of the most beautiful and scenic tropical coastlines around the world. Look to stay close to the beach for as low as 10 dollars a night.

19. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a more developed version of Nicaragua. While some parts of the country are becoming more expensive, there are still a handful of beautiful vacation spots that won’t break your budget. Eco tourism is extremely popular here, with plenty of hostels offering bundle deals that average out to about 12 dollars a night.

18. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is an extremely affordable city with plenty of culture, food, and amazing sights to keep you coming back. Take a stroll down the San Antonio River Walk, explore the rich colonial heritage of the Alamo, or enjoy a plethora of Texan seafood dishes that won’t disappoint. Look to skip staying in the heart of the city and get a room in neighborhoods like King William or Alamo Heights for a much better deal.

17. Bali

Just because Bali is the most popular vacation spot in Indonesia does not mean that traveling here is going to break your bank. With beach side hostels for as low as 5 dollars per day, the most expensive part of your journey will be getting here. The country is second to none when it comes to tropical paradises. Spend the day sampling unique market food, chasing world-class surf, or just relaxing on the beach.

Image Source: BlueWorldJourneys, MSNBC, VacationIdea, Adictivo