When No One Showed Up To This 9 Year-Old’s Party, His Mother Received An Overwhelming Surprise

Image Source: icepop.com

Mahlon Layne is an extremely kind-hearted, loving 9 year-old from Portland, Oregon. Recently, his family moved, which is not always easy for children. He made the move with his mother, father and three siblings. Although he was sad to leave home, he was optimistic about his new life.

Mahlon had always been homeschooled, so he never really had many friends. With this move, his parents decided to place him in public school. This excited Mahlon, as he saw it as an opportunity to make some friends. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that easy for him.

When Mahlon’s 9th birthday party was approaching, he decided he wanted to have a party with friends for the first time. In the past, Mahlon had just celebrated with family. This year, he wanted to switch things up and spend the day with his peers.