The Most (and Least) Intelligent Presidents in U.S. History

42. Ulysses S. Grant

IQ: 120

The 18th President of the United States is projected to have had the lowest IQ score of any U.S. President. Sitting in office from 1869-1877, Grant is lauded for his abilities on the battlefield. Grant was a cerebral, yet merciful Commanding General. When victory was all about assured on the field of war, Grant accepted the surrender of his enemy to end the battle.

The West Point grad was integral in setting up the future of the country in a post-war era. History has been kinder to Grant in recent years. Historians review his presidency far more favorably now than say 20 years ago. Part of that has to do with how Grant served as a unifying force within the country, and helped fight for equality for all of its people.

Image Source: Photo Quest/GETTY Images