5 Expert Fantasy Football Draft Tips To Lead You To A Title in 2017

1. Draft Your Kicker and Defense With Your Last 2 Picks

Here’s a sentence no one has ever said in the history of fantasy football: “There’s no way I would’ve won the title this year without *insert kicker drafted in 8th round’s name.*” It’s simply never been done, and the same can be said of defenses. Since 30 of the 32 kickers and 25 of the 32 defenses will be on the waiver wire at some point during the season, do yourself a favor and draft players who can score touchdowns with every pick until the final two rounds.

2. Pick Your Team Name After The Draft

Everyone knows there are plenty of puns you can make with the first and last names of NFL players. So if you don’t actually have that player on your team but still incorporate it into your team name, you come out looking like an unoriginal moron. No one wants to play in a league with a guy who’s using “Hide and Zeke” as his team name when his starting running backs are Bilal Powell and Lamar Miller. Please, just don’t be that guy.

3. Avoid The “Double Dip” Temptation

In theory, it’s fun to have a quarterback-wide receiver duo score a touchdown for a quick 15 points. In reality, you’re much better off diversifying away from this temptation. Every NFL offense is capable of a let-down game, but you don’t want that to instantly eliminate you from winning the individual week. Plus, your entire experience of cheering for your quarterback is ruined, since you’re legitimately pissed when he doesn’t throw a touchdown to your receiver. If you have Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown, good luck trying to avoid throwing your remote through the television after Big Ben throws all 3 touchdown passes to Martavis Bryant. Save yourself the headache(s) and frustration and pick guys from different teams.

Image Source: Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports

4. Don’t Draft A QB Until At Least Round 5

It’s a strategy you have undoubtedly heard countless times. Having Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers for 16 weeks is a ton of fun, but if you’re focused on winning, entertainment doesn’t result in championships. You’re much better off loading up on wide receivers and running backs in the early rounds, as there is always a bigger discrepancy in production at the skill positions. Plus, guys like Kirk Cousins and Matthew Stafford who throw 40+ times a game will be available in the 10th round. The drop-off from Rodgers to Stafford (purely from a fantasy perspective) is much smaller than the one from Jay Ajayi to Kenneth Dixon.

5. Do At Least 1 Mock Draft Before Draft Day

You know who the worst guy in every league is? The one who doesn’t even bring a cheat sheet to the draft and boasts about not having any time to complete a mock draft in the last 3 months. No one is impressed by your lack of preparation, so complete some mock drafts beforehand. There are plenty of awesome fantasy mock draft tools, but none are better than FantasyPros’ Draft Simulator. You get to customize scoring and roster settings before drafting, and since you’re drafting against computer experts, you don’t have to wait between picks.

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