25 Fantasy Football BUSTS You Should Avoid Drafting This Year

25. TE Tim Tebow (JAX)

The former quarterback/left fielder has a new home in Jacksonville with his old friend Urban Meyer. It’s certainly newsworthy. A former Heisman Trophy winner reunites with his collegiate coach and is set to make an NFL roster at a brand new position. Tebow has the support of his teammates — both Jacksonville QB’s have been effusive in their praise of the 33-year-old — and he absolutely looks the part after adding additional muscle since his last stint.

That being said, don’t be that league member. The one that wastes a pick on a fourth-string TE who will likely only get a few pity throws near the goal line in hopes of capturing a feel-good moment. If you’re drafting Tebow as a TE, you were probably also the person who drafted him as a QB a decade ago. And how did that turn out? This also isn’t the first time a team has tried deploying Tebow at a different position. The Jets attempted to use Tebow as a TE during his lone year with the team. He’s been out of the league ever since.

Image Source: David Rosenbum-Getty Images