Where Are They Now Update: 90 Day Fiancé Couples

Stephanie and Erika

Stephanie took a leap of faith by flying all the way down to Australia to spend time with her girlfriend, Erika. The two had some clear differences from the jump — as Stephanie’s reserved personality didn’t quite mesh with Erika’s cheerful/colorful disposition. Stephanie also didn’t care much for Erika’s friends, either. Years later, have the two managed to mend things?

In what turned out to be a rather public breakup, neither are on speaking terms anymore. Erika is very popular on social media with her fashion/photography business. She’s currently in a relationship with a man (and has since stopped talking about her experience on reality television). Likewise, Stephanie is also said to be dating a man. On her end, she’s become somewhat famous for selling jars containing her farts (yes, this is a real thing). She’s also appeared on one of the 90 Day spin-off shows detailing her life as a single lady.