Unwatchable: 24 Shows and Movies on Netflix You DO NOT Want to Watch

The Kissing Booth

Original Release — May 11, 2018

Despite the growing stardom of Joey King, even her magnetic personality can’t save this teenage rom-com from the trappings of its own genre. In creating The Kissing Booth, its writer/director seemingly loaded a cannon full of teen rom-com scripts, fired away, and created a film out of the ashes. Every possible trope is on display, becoming a stain on the genre it strives so hard to emulate — egregiously handsome high schoolers (played by chiseled 20-somethings) can manipulate, lie, and virtually assault a young woman, but still be forgiven because they’re deep, dark, and misunderstood.

The Kissing Booth continues to perpetuate what an ideal relationship is — unfortunately, said relationship is too often defined by traditionalism, physical values, and a woefully sexist view of both men and women. There are many complains about the teen rom-com subgenre, and this film simply adds more fuel to the fire.

Image Source: IMDb