Unwatchable: 24 Shows and Movies on Netflix You DO NOT Want to Watch

The preeminent streaming service has given us historic gems such as Stranger Things and The Irishman — and like the major studios it strives to outshine, not even Netflix is without its thunderous duds.

Tall Girl

Original Release — September 13, 2019

With a title as bland as its premise, this upper middle-class Caucasian 6-foot-1 high schooler claims she has the toughest life amongst all her peers. At just over six feet tall, the film characterizes her as a mammoth-sized behemoth, poised to destroy all in her path. Sure, teens make horrible comments to anyone that is slightly different than average, but the screenwriting adds a dimension of untapped atrociousness — the writer clearly has no idea how young people talk anymore. As our lead Jodi walks through the halls, a classmate taunts her with a horrid insult: “How’s the weather up there?” With a plot that naturally involves the big homecoming dance, Tall Girl offers nothing new to a genre that constantly fails to reach new heights.

Image Source: Netflix