Ultimate Showdown: Fantasy Icons Battle Head-to-Head

Spider-Man vs. Elastigirl

Of all our showdowns, this might be the most visually explosive and exciting this list will have. Both competitors are amazingly agile, using any surface available to them with purely terrific instinct. It’s too bad they wouldn’t have more time to commiserate — as Peter Parker and Helen Parr, both have yearned for a more stable existence as both superhero and civilian. Across the skyscrapers of New York, the two duke it out, Spider-Man swinging through the ensnaring traps of Elastigirl’s limbs. His tingling spider sense could help him avoid sneak attacks from her spindly appendages, but Helen’s mastery and adaptability of her powers may eventually overwhelm the teenager.

Peter Parker knows how to think on his feet better than most superheroes, but Elastigirl’s experience outweighs his ingenuity. Still new to the whole hero game, Peter hasn’t had enough time to fully embrace the abilities he has been given. Though incredibly strong, Elastigirl could use her extending limbs to easily block, trap, and take away Spider-Man’s room to maneuver, which is usually his greatest battlefield attribute — and Helen Parr has had more than enough experience trying to corral Violet and Dash.

Winner: Elastigirl

Image Source: IMDb