Ultimate Showdown: Fantasy Icons Battle Head-to-Head

Our favorite characters are rarely all in one franchise, leaving us all wishing that they could meet — but any first contact is going to have conflict. We’ve thrown together some of media’s biggest names to see who will come out on top.

Legolas vs. Katniss Everdeen

Hordes of Orcs and the tyrants of Panem would tell you the same thing — never underestimate an archer. As the son of an Elven king, it’s only natural that Legolas would have received the best training in bow and arrow as possible, making it all the more remarkable that Katniss’ proficiency is through self-learning and pure talent. Of all our battles, this one has its combatants the furthest away from each other, with plenty of forest between them. Both as near perfect marks-people, meaning speed will be of the essence — it’s a game of who sees who first.

Katniss has had countless hours in the forests of District 12 to hone her senses to listen for potential prey, but Legolas’ fantastical Elven abilities puts him in a category all to his own. His heightened attributes for sight and hearing could easily track down Katniss before she even knew she was hunting the Mirkwood prince — the Elves of Middle-Earth are so light that their feet don’t make a noise when walk along the ground. Katniss is undeniably skilled, but Legolas’ natural gifts make this arrow-shooting showdown a no contest.

Winner: Legolas

Image Source: IMDb