Tuesday Ten – 10 New Songs To Get You Through The Week (9/19 Edition)

Here’s what we’re listening to this week:

1. Spent The Day In Bed — Morrissey

The wait is over. After much anticipation, iconic indie singer Morrissey released highly acclaimed single “Spend The Day In Bed.” It will be featured on his latest album entitled Low In High School. Morrissey is immensely skilled as it pertains to grappling with human condition lyrically. His presentation of social commentary within this track is quite apropos — considering the rather tense feel of the world in this current state.

2. Feelin’ Myself — Mac Dre

This song perfectly accentuates the ‘Hyphy’ movement in the Bay Area. Mac Dre is a legend — both within the rap genre and in his hometown of Vallejo, California. A godfather of hip-hop within the region, Dre routinely packaged together funky beats with silky vocals. “Feelin’ Myself” is a simply spectacular example of music encapsulating “Yay Area” energy.

3. Tokyo — Luna Shadows

Pop artist Luna Shadows released a simply stunning single entitled “Tokyo.” Shadows deftly describes the inspiration and meaning behind the track below:

When we hope for things, we imagine the happiness we might feel if we receive them. In reality, however, even the most blissful changes are often accompanied by a degree of melancholy. In art, especially music, we regularly see a definitive before and after — a seed & a flower, a caterpillar & a butterfly – but rarely is the actual moment of change depicted. “Tokyo” is intended to be like a musical time lapse or the sonic equivalent of a developing photo, detailing a precise moment where something unfolded in front of me.”

4. SGL (Now Now cover) — So Below

This cover instantly hits your auditory senses with large amounts of energy. The heavy synths — coupled with the exquisitely layered vocals — make this a very versatile track. Madeline North offers the audience a tortured, yet beautiful sense of vulnerability. This track is an ethereal delight in every sense of the term. Below’s Spotify account (found here) features multiple examples of the vocal brilliance.

Image Source: So Below Facebook

5. Favorite Song — Clay Priskorn

Picture an amalgam of Alt-J and Arcade Fire with a folksy twang. This is what you’ll get with Clay Priskorn. Hailing from a small town outside of Los Angeles, Priskorn has been toiling away for the last seven years — appearing in multiple music festivals and venues all across the country. He’s currently in the process of releasing eight singles (with accompanying videos) throughout the next few months. Keep an eye on Priskorn…his refreshing sound is destined for stardom.

6. Dreams Tonite — Alvvays

“Dreams Tonite” was one of three singles released from Alvvays’ latest album Antisocialites. Lead singer Molly Rankin has an uncanny ability to craft auditory pillows of serenity and effervescence via her vocal arrangements. While this track isn’t overly upbeat — particularly compared to other content from the band’s debut album — Rankin effectively sets the stage for something bitingly nostalgic.

7. Higher Ground — ODESZA (Feat. Naomi Wild)

The Seattle-based group (comprised of Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills) has been a fixture within the synthpop/electropop genre for the past five years. On the band’s latest album A Moment Apart, this track featuring Los Angeles performer Naomi Wild is on the cusp of being a mainstream favorite. It’s truly only matter of time before you can be blasting this song from the comforts of your own car.

8. You See Me — Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) gets some love here this week. For one, this bumping track speaks of warding off the “haters” in the face of success. It also speaks to his love of Asian women (with shout-outs to the University of California, Los Angeles). Glover won two Emmys on Sunday night for his fantastic work in the drama Atlanta. Congrats, Donald!

9. The Worst Guys — Childish Gambino Feat. Chance The Rapper

There are rumors that Childish Gambino and Chance The Rapper are slated to collaborate on an album soon. These two heavyweights in the industry gave us a small sneak-peak in 2014 with the track “The Worst Guys.” Catchy and smooth, the talent of both bounced off each other tremendously well. A full-length album pairing together their respective talents would be utterly bonkers.

10. Honey In The Sun — Camera Obscura

From the first line of the track, we get a glimpse into the wounded heart of vocalist and songwriter Tracyanne Campbell. As we’ve seen throughout the band’s dense discography, Campbell isn’t shy about artistically vocalizing her fears, insecurities, and insatiable desire for love. “Honey In The Sun” brilliantly takes melancholy content and pumps it up with a loud concerto of accompanying instrumentals. There’s no sense of lethargy in regards to this performance whatsoever.

Main Image Source: Clay Priskorn’s Official Instagram Page