Tuesday Ten – 10 New Songs To Get You Through The Week (8/1 Edition)

Have a listen to a couple of jams from well-known artists, and a few from ones you’ve likely never heard of before:

1. Deerhunter — Nosebleed 

While not overly popular when it comes to mainstream media, the Atlanta-based band Deerhunter has been putting out music dating back to 2001. The six-man group is considered a rock group — though they dabble in the sub-genres within the overarching umbrella of rock. You’ll see Deerhunter — as evidenced by “Nosebleed” — utilize elements of garage rock, whilst also possessing psychedelic notes.

2. Nostalgic Feel — Bedroom 

“Bedroom” is presented with a high complexity level. The lyrics are thought-provoking and deep, the chords are well constructed, and the vocals have a texture perfectly built for this type of tune. Nashville native Noah Kittinger released this track in 2015 at a mere 18 years of age. We’re highly intrigued at what he’s got cooking in the pipeline. Kittinger’s first album — Grow — was released in 2014.

3. SZA — Love Galore (Feat. Travis Scott) 

SZA (born Solána Imani Rowe) released “Love Galore” earlier this year. Rooted heavily in jazz and R&B, SZA’s voice beautifully hangs over the musical accompaniment in an effective manner. She also employs her voice terrifically as it pertains to rhythm. The flow of this track can be best described as “smooth”. Scott’s portion adds yet another layer to an already great beat.

4. Blondie — Atomic

Blondie’s popularity exists even today — though the height of the band’s fame came during the ’70’s and ’80’s. Lead singer Debby Harry continues to delight the audience with her energetic performances. “Atomic” is a fast-paced, powerful track with notes of pop, reggae, and even disco. The band’s ability to weave varying genres together is highly impressive. “Atomic” has been featured many times in both film and television. Perhaps the most noteworthy instance occurred in Trainspotting — where the band Sleeper covered this iconic track.

5. Arctic Monkeys — Cornerstone

This music video may be bizarre to some. Lead singer Alex Turner is twirling around a white room by himself — whilst wearing a red turtleneck. Through some deducing, one may come to the conclusion that the band wants a simplistic presentation in order to highlight the content of the song. “Cornerstone” speaks of a man desperately seeking to find his missing lover.

6. Action Bronson — The Chairman’s Intent 

Action Bronson is one eclectic dude. We know he’s got a proclivity for food, marijuana, and absurdly hilarious music videos. “The Chairman’s Intent” displays Bronson as an ’80’s action star. He fights evil-doers, gets with the girl, has tons of stunts, and even has a hair-flip with his brilliant blonde wig. As for the music, it’s another solid track with a catchy beat.

7. Bernache — Your Name 

French-Canadian singer Bernache left her group Men I Trust in order to immerse herself in a solo project. ‘Your Name” became the first track of Bernache’s solo career. Her ethereal voice best sits with the lo-fi/indie genre. As she progresses, it will be intriguing to see how her content develops. The word “Bernache” means “Goose” in French. In an obvious bit of satire, a goose has a feeble and rather annoying voice (which certainly isn’t the case with Bernache).

8. Summer Salt — Candy Wrapper 

Summer Salt is a three-man group hailing from of all places, Austin. When taking a listen to this specific tune, one instantly becomes transported to the realm of surf rock. The group is certainly influenced by ’60’s pop. There’s a general joy with which the group performs, as the warm beats and guitar strums immediately offer a feeling of nostalgia.

9. Tyler, The Creator — F***ing Young/Perfect (Feat. Kali Uchis)

The twosome of Tyler, The Creator and Kali Uchis is a dichotomy of styles, to say the least. Tyler, The Creator is known as a ‘hard’ rapper — often unapologetic with his content and vocal presentation. On the other hand, Uchis’s vocal tendencies are reminiscent of a feathery — almost pillow-like appearance. The drastic difference makes this song a compelling one.

10. Toro Y Moi — Say That

Toro Y Moi (real name Chazwick Bundick) has provided music enthusiasts with some funky beats for nearly nine years. Dating back to 2008, Toro Y Moi has been a fixture within the ‘chillwave’ genre — which could be best described as an amalgam of vocals, synth arrangements, electro-pop, and lo-fi elements. “Say That” is one of the more popular tracks the artist has released to date.

Main Image Source: NME.com