Tuesday Ten – 10 New Songs To Get You Through The Week (6/20 Edition)

Have a listen to a couple of jams from well-known artists, and a few from ones you’ve likely never heard of before:

1. Action Bronson — Let Me Breathe 

While Action Bronson gets a ton of notoriety from his role in the culinary world, people tend to forget the fact that he’s actually a very talented rapper.

The New York native just dropped his latest album entitled Blue Chips 7000. It completes a trilogy of work including his mixtape Blue Chips and his 2015 album Mr. Wonderful. “Let Me Breathe” is a fast-paced single with some of Bronson’s ever-present wit. It certainly gets the job done as a catchy tune.

2. The Weeknd — Secrets 

The Weeknd has proven to be a very versatile artist. Earlier in his career, he delved into more somber notes — utilizing a myriad of synths and darker elements. Since blowing up into the mainstream, The Weeknd has become more of a pop artist.

His music has since translated to radio play. “Secrets” is an example of this premise. One can be sure this track will be on repeat during the summer months. It’s light, repetitive, and offers a tribute to the ’80’s.

3. De La Soul Feat. Little Dragon — Drawn 

Longtime group De La Soul released an album last year entitled and the Anonymous Nobody…It marked the ninth full-length album the group has produced since their conception in 1987.

“Drawn” is an airy track featuring Swedish group Little Dragon. Lead singer Yukimi Nagano’s ethereal voice floats through the track effortlessly. It pairs quite well with the melodic accompaniment. The dichotomy of the two groups is quite nice.

4. Bobby Womack Feat. Lana Del Rey — Dayglo Reflection

The richness of Womack’s voice fits exquisitely with Lana Del Rey’s nostalgic feel. Many believe Del Rey is secretly from a past generation, and this track does nothing to dissuade those from that opinion.

The splicing together of their tracks makes this a highly enjoyable song. Unfortunately, Womack passed away in 2014. We wish the two of them were able to make more music together.

5. Ferdia Walsh-Peelo — To Find You

Ferdia Walsh-Peelo starred in the hit 2016 film Sing Street. Hailing from Ireland, Walsh-Peelo demonstrated the ability to have duality as both an actor and a vocalist. Coming from a musical background, it’s no surprise to see Walsh-Peelo excel at the art.

Here, he sings “To Find You” — a song from the film’s soundtrack. At only 17 years of age, one can be sure Walsh-Peelo will be heard from down the line.

6. Arcade Fire — Creature Comfort 

Classic indie band Arcade Fire is set to debut its latest album Everything Now. “Creature Comfort” will be on the upcoming album. While the sound is a bit different than what we’ve come to expect from the band, the content isn’t.

Lead singers Win Butler and Regine Chassagne have never been ones to shy away from delving into the emotional grips of feeling. This song exemplifies the necessity to explore one’s inner dealings.

7. Ducktails — Letter of Intent 

Indie band Ducktails brings us “Letter of Intent” — a track off of their 2013 album The Flower Lane. The twee track embodies the true essence of indie music.

This song meshed well with a number of situations. One could be casually taking a walk whilst listening to this track. Duly, it appears to be perfect ‘coffeehouse’ music for those aspiring screenwriters pining away at your local Starbucks.

8. Real Estate — It’s Real 

Speaking of Indie (and invariably hipster) music, Real Estate offers us arguably their most popular track in “It’s Real.”

Much like the Ducktales track above, this one is a simple — yet lighthearted song with a solid beat and effective instrumentals. Lead singer Martin Courtney’s voice adds a layer of tranquility within the warm lyrical structure.

9. The Grouch Feat. Murs — The Bay to L.A.

Here’s an anthem for those hailing from the state of California. Those who’ve lived on the West Coast have most certainly made the drive up the 5 Freeway from Los Angeles to the Bay Area. There isn’t much to see — other than small farming communities and a large amount of black, brown, and white cows.

While your allegiance may fall with either Southern or Northern California, there’s no denying the love people have for both regions. The Grouch echoes this with the rap track “The Bay to L.A.”

10. Mobb Deep — Shook Ones

The inclusion of this track is largely out of respect for Prodigy. The 42-year member of the group sadly passed away Tuesday morning. A true master of the spoken word, Prodigy helped build Mobb Deep into one of the rap game’s most universally respected groups.

We leave you with this famous track, “Shook Ones.”

Main Image Source: Time Out