Tuesday Ten – 10 New Songs To Get You Through The Week (5/30 Edition)

Have a listen to a couple of jams from well-known artists, and a few from ones you’ve likely never heard of before:

1. Da Chick — Lotta Love

Da Chick is an underground artist hailing from Portugal. Her upbeat tone is very similar to bands such as Daft Punk and De La Soul. She employs a myriad of styles (soul, funk) through her music — and even crafts songs completely in English. “Lotta Love” is one of those jams perfectly tailored for a spontaneous dance party.

2. Mac DeMarco — Freaking Out The Neighborhood 

DeMarco’s lo-fi sound presents itself immensely with this track. One can almost feel the laid-back nature of the Canadian’s disposition within this sound — as DeMarco sweetly strums his guitar. Breaking this tune out during a beach day seems like a rather terrific idea.

3. Warpaint — Love Is To Die

Hailing from Los Angeles, Warpaint is a group rooted in musical complexity. Lead singer Emily Kokal has an exceptionally brilliant range — ultimately offering the band’s sound both depth and soul. Former Red Hot Chili Pepper’s guitarist John Frusciante helped to mix the band’s debut EP back in 2008. When listening to “Love Is To Die” the influence most certainly is visible.

4. Camera Obscura — Forests & Sands (Acoustic Version)

Lead vocalist and lyricist Tracyanne Campbell has her fingerprints all over this track. Steeped in melancholiness, this acoustic version of “Forests & Sands” is incredibly haunting. The serene setting of a quiet San Francisco beach perfectly complements Campbell’s obvious vulnerability.

5. Blackbird Blackbird — All

Described as folktronica, Blackbird Blackbird (created by Mikey Maramag) delves into an amalgam of electric trance spliced together with indie vocal samples. “All” is a triumphant track, bring loads of energy and pace. Other hit singles to look out for include “It’s a War” and “Tangerine Sky.”

6. Lauv — Adrenaline

A native of San Francisco, Lauv (real name Ari Leff) has taken advantage of music’s current climate. His music is fundamentally electro pop-based — with elements of other genres. His style truly harkens back to the days of heavy, sultry R&B. The 22-year-old certainly appears to have a bright future.

7. denitia and sene. — casanova 

The Brooklyn duo of denetia and sene is a potent twosome — offering audiences equal parts of tranquility and etherealness. The sound is fortified by Denetia’s airy vocals. From a creativity standpoint, the tandem is simply avant-garde.

8. Kixxie Siete — The “7th” Sense 

Kixxie Siete doesn’t have an extensive presence online. A native of Southern California, the rapper contributes a bit with the group Yacht Klub. However, this beat is quick-witted, and is packaged with very good flow. One can only hope Kixxie Siete releases some new content sooner rather than later.

9. The Orielles — Sugar Tastes Like Salt

The Orielles are a very young group hailing from West Yorkshire in the north of England. Primarily a jangle-pop band, the trio is a twee homage to ’80’s indie bands from the past. Composing clever lyrics and a mature sound, this group is one to watch for heading forward. While they might never reach “mainstream” status, they easily could become a fixture within the ‘hipster’ community.

10. The Weeknd — Loft Music

Before The Weeknd became a staple on every radio in the United States, his sound was much different than the one most are currently accustomed to hearing. His pairing of falsettos and darkness gave him a bone-chilling sound. The Weeknd’s first album, Trilogy, is in many ways the true essence of his musical origins. “Loft Music” is an example of this premise.

Main Image Source: SXSW.com