Tuesday Ten – 10 New Songs To Get You Through The Week (4/25 Edition)

What we’re listening to this week:

1. “Weeps in Waves” — Givers & Takers

Emotion is palpable in the songs of L.A. based band Givers & Takers. The psychedelic-soul group play their instruments as though they are finishing one another’s sentences, and this connectedness translates into music with an ever-present foundation of depth. “Weeps in Waves” — the first single from the four-piece’s upcoming EP — was written in part for the shootings at the Bataclan theatre in Paris. Their stunning tribute to the event is both plaintive and cathartic.

Image Source: Johanna Roessler

2. “Electric” — Alina Baraz (featuring Khalid)

Electro-R&B artist Alina Baraz made an impactful debut in 2015 with her album Urban Flora. The Ohio native collaborated with Danish producer Galimatias for the sultry LP. The two never actually met face-to-face. Instead, they sent their music back and forth via Facebook — proving that the millennial way of creating music is both innovative and not necessarily reliant upon big record labels. Baraz’s new single with Khalid showcases their entwining angelic vocals.

Image Source: Alexander McDonell

3. “No Promises” — San Fermin

Brooklyn-based chamber pop ensemble San Fermin get honest on “No Promises,” a single from their new album, Belong. Group leader Ellis Ludwig-Leone wrote it partially for his bandmates, paying homage to the sacrifices they have made to take on this life as touring musicians. Ludwig-Leone says the song’s overall theme is “the fear of disappointing the people you love,” a message the band delivers in their epic, orchestral synth-pop style.

Image Source: Denny Renshaw

4. “Siren” — Stalking Gia

Stalking Gia’s recently released single “Siren” opens with fluttering synths, and the track soon releases into Gia’s beautiful “man-killing” siren cry. The New York artist’s music has a quirky individuality and imaginativeness setting her apart from her electro-pop peers.

Image Source: Spencer Kohn

5. “Fickle Game” — Amber Run

Joe Keough, the lead singer of British alternative group Amber Run, sings with a fragility that draws you in from the first listen. “Fickle Game” highlights his tender, yet impassioned vocals, as he tells of “self-reflection in the music industry — how being in a band can…stop being spontaneous and easy and instead become overly political and eventually exhausting.”

Image Source: $

6. “Crowded Places” — Banks

Pensive indie goddess Banks returns with “Crowded Places,” a song she wrote for the second-to-last episode of HBO show Girls. The single is a vulnerable acknowledgment of social anxiety, and the fears that accompany falling in love.

Image Source: Facebook

7. “Dark Side” — Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs, also known as Sarah Grace McLaughlin, is a citizen of the world. Born in London to Scottish parents, she grew up in Tokyo and Hong Kong, and now lives in Los Angeles. Her global viewpoint makes her a compelling artist, along with her sick personal style and powerful voice.

Image Source: Justin Bishop

8. “Do I Have to Talk You Into It” — Spoon 

Austin-formed band Spoon first began making music together in 1993. “Do I Have to Talk You Into It,” a single from their recently released ninth album, features their signature precise drum lines and piano riffs, all the while being infused with an experimental, retro timbre.

Image Source: Facebook

9. “Potions” – SEE

SEE is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Long Island. The twenty-one-year old worked with Brad Wood (a producer for Smashing Pumpkins) on her debut EP Ties, and their collaboration is extraordinary. Check out the torrid single “Potions.”

Image Source: Facebook

10. “Masters” — Perlo

Perlo, a folk duo based in Portland, are not yet well-known, but their debut EP Patterns is truly worth adding to your music collection. Their honeyed voices and plucked melodic guitars sear into you with their clean beauty.

Image Source: Facebook