Top 25 Wrestling Tag Teams of All-Time

24. Rob Van Dam & Sabu

There are two things defining the RVD/Sabu pairing throughout their short run in ECW: jealousy and chaos. After an intense rivalry, RVD and Sabu were aligned under the management of Bill Alfonso. When RVD won the ECW Television Championship — a belt Sabu had been gunning for — tension between them began to simmer again. Even after they won the ECW Tag Team Titles for the first time, neither man could help himself from trying to one up the other.

This not-so-friendly rivalry, combined with both men’s unusual styles, made them a wholly unique tag team. Reckless dives, flashy rolls and springboards, nonstop posing and mugging for the crowd. Sabu in particular would throw his body around in a way that blurred the line between an offense that’s purposefully sloppy or entirely botch-filled. The team didn’t last last, but every match stole the show (for better or worse).

They would run the team back years later in both WWE’s ECW and Impact Wrestling, yet they never recaptured that feeling of controlled chaos that defined this bizarre pairing.

Image Source: pwpnation