Top 25 Movies of the 1970s

With the studio system declining, Hollywood’s true golden era began in the 1970s — auteur filmmaking combined with blockbuster appeal.

25. Patton

Original Release — April 2, 1970

This war epic brings one of World War II’s most enigmatic yet commanding personalities to light. Thanks to the fully committed performance of George C. Scott, audiences understand why a man like Patton was given such military power — and why it needed to be taken away. A tactically brilliant mind with an irascible personality, General George S. Patton was a man of discipline above all else. His campaigns on nearly every front of the war were filled with victories like the Allies hadn’t seen — but also treated his own soldiers with the same fervor that he applied to all things.

Though Patton was a man who could wield the newest and most terrifying weapons of war, his inability to think like the modern front-line soldier is brilliantly and ironically shown as his downfall. Unable to relate to his soldiers on a personal level, the requests the General makes of those under his command become more and more similar to those the Allies are fighting to defeat. As a man determined to achieve glory above all else, Patton is a film about the race against the enemy — and in the mind of the titular general, anyone who stands in the way of his personal triumphs is the enemy.

Image Source: IMDb