Top 25 Classic Arcade Games of All-Time

25. Paperboy (1984)

It’s a shame working an actual paper route isn’t as fun as Atari’s Paperboy. After choosing your difficulty level, the player is asked to complete a route on bicycle for seven days. The user gains a final score and a notification that reads: “Paperboy Wins Award For Outstanding Paper-Delivery”. Easier said than done, of course.

Dodging the neighborhood obstacles while tossing papers into the mailboxes of the bright “subscriber” homes is challenging enough, but the real fun comes when you run up your score by terrorizing non-subscriber homes via property damage. Smashing windows with papers and destroying flower beds is quite satisfying.

The cabinet also has a unique bicycle handlebar control scheme that makes the arcade version of Paperboy the most satisfying version you can play.

Image Source: 1049thedge