These Films Are Creepy…But They Weren’t Supposed To Be

Return to Oz

In 1939, the world was introduced to one of the most influential films of all-time — The Wizard of Oz. 46 years later, in 1985, an unofficial sequel was released. In addition to being yet another example of an unnecessary sequel being created, Return to Oz turned the Land of Oz into a far creepier place than we knew it to be — and that’s saying something.

From the opening moments, it is clear that Return to Oz is a dark film meant for more mature viewers. Dorothy returns to Oz after the evil Norme King takes over the land. Dorothy is joined by a host of new friends including Jack Pumpkinhead, a talking chicken named Billina, a freak show named the Gump, and a robot named Tik-Tok. People hoping for another feel good story featuring Dorothy are in for a startling surprise.

Image Source: Richard Blanshard/Getty Images