The Way Game of Thrones Characters Look in Real Life

Khal Drogo

Khal Drogo is first introduced as a merciless and violent war leader of the Dothraki tribe – and to be perfectly honest, that’s pretty much his character for the entirety of his existence. Drogo is fierce, powerful and highly gifted with any sort of weapon at his disposal. His relationship with Daenerys begins to unearth his more human side, but the mighty Drogo is killed before we see him truly evolve into a more relatable character. Regardless, Drogo is one of the mightiest warriors in all of Westeros, capable of besting anybody in battle.

Jason Mamoa

The laid-back Mamoa couldn’t be any more different than the character he portrayed in Thrones. Originally born in Hawaii, Momoa was raised in Norwalk, Iowa. The 38-year old graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in wildlife biology. He’s played a hulking man in multiple roles, including the lead role in Conan the Barbarian and his recent endeavors as Aquaman in the DC Comics Universe. He’s been married to actress Lisa Bonet since 2007, and is an avid Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner.

Image Source: Mental Floss, The Hollywood Reporter