The Way Game of Thrones Characters Look in Real Life

Jon Snow

Whichever name you refer to him as, Jon Snow has been one of the primary protagonists since the first episodes of the Game of Thrones series. The noble Snow is honest, fair and heroic, often putting the needs of the group over his own personal agendas. He’s originally introduced as the bastard child of Eddard Stark, although multiple twists and turns regarding his family lineage have been littered throughout the show. One thing we know with certainty is that he will play a big part in the final battle for the Iron Throne.

Kit Harrington

Harrington is finding ways to keep busy in between shooting seven seasons of the hit HBO series. The 30-year old star was originally born in Acton, London, and attended Central School of Speech and Drama for higher education. He got his first break working in theatre, but eventually made it to the big screen in 2012 starring in the video game-turned-film adaptation Silent Hill: Revelation. Harrington would also lend his voice to the critically-acclaimed animated film How to Train Your Dragon 2. He’s currently engaged to former co-star Rose Leslie.

Image Source: Game of Thrones Wiki, Vanity Fair