The Most Shocking Moments In Reality TV History

Colton’s Fence Jump

By now, the shock of someone not knowing about Colton Underwood’s jump might outweigh the initial shock of seeing the jump take place. The most recent season of The Bachelor was arguably one of the most memorable ones yet. Numerous women ‘dumped’ Colton by leaving the show before he had the chance to give them a rose. When it came time for the fantasy suites, it was apparent that Colton had his heart set on Cassie Randolph. There was only one problem. Cassie didn’t know whether she felt the same way about Colton, and decided to end things (for the moment) with the former football player. Colton spiraled out of control, removed his mic, and decided to hop the fence and disappear into the streets of Portugal. Sidenote: Chris Harrison’s performance in the aftermath of this event was legendary.

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The Situation’s Header

From the time Jersey Shore debuted, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was an unbelievable character. Between his antics with his roommates, women, and his tendency to drink a little too much, The Situation was a constant source of entertainment. At times, however, it went too far and the house was turned upside down. When the gang decided to head to Italy to film Jersey Shore Family Vacation, The Situation was in rare form. In the midst of a heated argument with Ronnie — a common occurrence — Mike slammed his head into a concrete wall. The Situation was concussed as a result, and had to deal with both the pain and embarrassment of the moment. Now sober, Mike has said he was withdrawing at the time of the incident and didn’t think the move through.

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