The Cast of The Lord of the Rings — Then & Now

Then: Miranda Otto as Eowyn

While her brother Eomer patrols the borders of Rohan, Lady Eowyn tends to the daily difficulties of the people who inhabit the harsh plains of the kingdom. Just as she is fiercely devoted to her people, Eowyn is devoted to her desires as well. Despite living in a medieval society, she dreams of leading the charge into battle with her brother, a horse beneath her and a sword in her hand.

When her hopes of a romance with Aragorn are dashed, she sneaks into the ranks of the Rohan army at the Battle of Minas Tirith. Her private training allows her to not only bring down a massive Mumakil, but also defeat the dreaded Witch King, proudly claiming that she is “no man.” With so many settings in the fantasy genre geared towards a feudal timeline, characters like Eowyn become even more important — no one should be allowed to dictate what you are passionate about in life, besides yourself.

Image Source: IMDb