The Cast of Harry Potter — Then & Now

Then: Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood

Despite a late entrance into the series (the fifth entry, The Order of the Phoenix) Luna was able to use the limited series time left to establish herself as an odd yet loyal friend. She stands bravely and fights fiercely during the Second Wizarding War, all the while being wholly unique among her fellow students. Believing in theories and creatures that make even the magical community scoff, Luna views all the peculiarities of the world with the same kindness that she gives to those around her.

Though seemingly spacey to outside observers, Luna was deeply traumatized at a young age when she witnessed her mother die in a magical experiment gone wrong. Where many would close themselves off after such a tragedy, Luna has been a source of understanding and comfort to those — particularly Harry — who must endure similar losses as the Wizarding World marches towards the horrors of war.

Image Source: IMDb