The Cast of Friday Night Lights: Where Are They Now?

Herc (played by Kevin Rankin)

We were first introduced to Herc in the aftermath of Jason Street’s career-ending injury. At first, Herc was far from a likable guy. His gruff attitude certainly didn’t help Jason feel any better about being stuck permanently in a wheelchair. However, the two ended up bonding over quad rugby. The two became friends, lived together, and even ended up going in on a house flip endeavor. Played by Kevin Rankin, where is the actor today?

Though we see Herc in a wheelchair for the entirety of Friday Night Lights, actor Kevin Rankin is in fact not paralyzed in real life. The 45-year-old native of Louisiana is without a doubt a highly-versatile character actor. It’s led to Rankin starring in Dallas Buyers Club, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Hell or High Water, Justified, Unforgettable, Big Love, Breaking Bad, Lucifer, and The Umbrella Academy. A father to two children, one can clearly see how highly thought of Rankin is as a performer.

Image Source: IMDB, Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for TNT