The Cast of Cobra Kai: Then and Now

Jacob Bertrand (as Hawk)

Before he was the zero-turned-hero in Cobra Kai, Jacob Bertrand was a fixture within multiple children-based programs. For two seasons, Bertrand was a voice-over actor for the Nickelodeon show Bubble Guppies. Later, he spent three years as the lead in the hit Disney show Kirby Buckets. While many knew him as a small, sweet, unassuming kid, his character on Cobra Kai is far different…

The 20-year-old California native had the arc of someone who was constantly bullied (due to a physical deformity on his face). Eventually, Bertrand’s character Eli aka Hawk flipped the switch. His burgeoning career in karate led to the introduction of a colored mohawk — in addition to a gigantic hawk tattoo that spanned across his entire back. We won’t ruin Hawk’s role in Season 3 of Cobra Kai. However, he sets up to be one of the more intriguing characters heading to Season 4.

Image Source: Tommaso Boddi/WireImage/Tina Rowden/Netflix