The Biggest Summer Blockbuster of Each Year From 1975-2022

1976 — The Omen

The Omen was not only a dark movie, but there have been a handful of eerie and tragic events involving people who worked on the film in the year’s following its release. At the center of the story is a child named Damien. Shortly after Damien’s birth, he is adopted by Robert and Katherine Thorn. The US Ambassador to Great Britain, Robert relocates his family to London.

However, mysterious deaths and accidents begin to occur around the family. Damien’s nanny commits suicide. At one point, Damien causes his mother to fall over a balcony — resulting in serious injuries. As it turns out, Damien is the Son of Satan and the first Antichrist. Never trust a child in a horror film.

Image Source: Stanley Bielecki Movie Collection/Getty Images