The Best Of: Taylor Swift’s 25 Greatest Songs

24. Last Kiss

“Last Kiss” is yet another emotionally devastating track off of Speak Now. On this song, Swift captures the feelings of grief that come with losing a relationship that you weren’t ready to have end. Filled with a sense of mourning and sorrow, Swift sings about how she never planned on the song’s subject “changing [his] mind” about her, and how she doesn’t know how she can be something he misses. You can hear the self doubt building in her voice as the song moves forward, questions of why she wasn’t good enough for someone she loved so much building in her head. Swift masterfully displays the range of grief anyone feels when they lose someone and hold no control over the situation, and she creates instrumentals that match her crushed spirit. While I wouldn’t recommend turning this song on when you want to be in a good mood, it deserves credit for doing such an effective job at representing real, raw heartbreak.

Image Source: ACMA2020/Getty Images