The Best and Worst of James Bond — Ranking The 007 Films

23. Octopussy

Original Release — June 10, 1983

The most outrageous of Bond titles is among the many odd novelties this entry has to offer. The typically gargantuan and fortified secret lair of the villain is replaced with a circus — a setting that gives one of cinema’s coolest characters the foolish opportunity to disguise himself as a clown and Tarzan yell while dressed as a gorilla.

With a plot that has elements of Western European disarmament, nuclear weapons, and the lair of an Afghan Prince, the aesthetic and location choices become far more perplexing. Rather than attempt to have its own identity, Octopussy comes off more like the mishmash of two scripts that were meant to be two separate Bond entries. This 1983 film unfortunately suffers from its audiences laughing at it, as opposed to with it — the last thing you want from a spy film.

Image Source: IMDb