The Battle of Oceania: Australia vs. New Zealand

20. Food

Australia has a burgeoning food scene — with chefs from all across Asia and Europe flocking to the continent. One won’t have a shortage of culinary diversity (nor Vegemite) when traveling here. Barbecue within Australia is unquestionably a must-have.

With that said, New Zealand takes the proverbial cake. There are world-class cheese factories up and down the Eastern coast. Pavlova was created here — as was lolly cake. New Zealand also offers some of the best lamb of anywhere in the World. The country is incredibly adept at utilizing local ingredients found all across the region. It pairs influences from both the Pacific and Europe to form an all-encompassing food landscape.

While one likely will be afforded more in the way of culinary variety in Australia, the farm-to-table operation has New Zealand winning out.

Winner: New Zealand

Image Source: Go, See, Write