The 25 Things on Netflix You Should Watch Immediately

8. Master of None

A new season of Master of None was just recently released, and it is worth the watch. Aziz Ansari shows us a side of himself that we have never seen before. He throws away his stage persona and his fun-loving character from Parks and Recreation and shows us a… human being. In Master of None, Ansari plays Dev, a commercial actor whose biggest work was a Go-Gurt commercial. We won’t spoil anything, but parts of season 2 take place in Europe, so if you can’t afford that backpacking trip this summer, this is your show.

9. F is for Family

This animated sitcom co-created by Bill Burr and Michael Price will have you laughing in public. Taking place in the 1970s, the Murphy family is just trying to keep up with the Joneses. Mr. Murphy loves his beer and his TV and his kids aren’t expected to come home until the streetlights turn on. These are the “good old days” as our parents call them. The only problem is, Mr. Murphy has an anger problem and three kids who don’t exactly play by the rules. Find out what happens when his youngest son put his magnets up to Mr. Murphy’s brand new color TV and make sure your volume isn’t turned up all the way, because he is a yeller!

Image Sources: Den of Geek, Release Date TV