The 25 Things on Netflix You Should Watch Immediately

6. Tracy Morgan Staying Alive

People have quickly forgotten about the time Tracy Morgan’s limo got hit by an 18-wheeler. He was in the hospital for weeks and people truly didn’t know if he would survive the accident. Well, Tracy is back and funnier than ever! Stream this special for some jokes about the coma that he was in and the dark side of his family that was brought out by his nearly fatal crash. And in traditional Morgan humor, hear about his second marriage and the problems that ensue.

7. Dear White People

Dear White People has been taking the internet by storm. At an Ivy League school that is predominantly white, a diverse group of college students take on different types of discrimination. Navigating the slippery slope of a “post racial” college is hard, especially when it is not as tolerant as it thinks it is. People are calling this the most necessary television show out there.

Image Sources: ScreenCrush, The New York Times