The 25 Most Memorable Kids Movies That Weren’t Actually Kid-Friendly

Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Countless movies from the past which were intended for children may not be as kid-friendly as you may remember. Alice in Wonderland is among a list of films which may not be suitable for youngsters. Based upon the 1865 novel by Lewis Carroll, even the original material was more in-line for adult readers. The world in which Alice ventures to is not at all a safe or friendly environment.

This is perhaps because of the time the book originates from. Carroll uses the various characters Alice comes into contact with as symbols for society. One example being the Walrus and Carpenter who represent the working class and higher class, respectively. Additionally, the use of drugs (Alice ingests a bundle of mushrooms) and smoking (the water-pipe used by the caterpillar) are littered throughout the film.

Image Source: Robert Kamau/Getty Images