The 25 Most Heartbreaking Deaths in TV History

Charlie Pace — Lost

When a television show becomes popular enough that it stays on TV for more than a few years, viewers are often exposed to a wide range of emotions. When you watch a show from its pilot episode, you feel as if you are accompanying the characters on their journey as the story progresses. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to the sadness of watching a character die. In Lost, Dominic Monaghan’s Charlie became a fan favorite. A former rocker, Charlie became a heroin addict.

Over the course of the series, we witnessed Charlie become a better person — caring for Claire and her baby and genuinely loving his fellow survivors. Charlie’s personal growth only made his death that much more tragic. The rocker sacrificed himself to save Desmond — and the others — while simultaneously delivering Desmond some crucial news…it’s “Not Penny’s boat.”

Image Source: Tony Barson/WireImage