The 25 Greatest Western Films of All-Time

22. Kill Bill: Vol. 2

Original Release — April 16, 2004

Don’t worry, you’re still on the same article! But how else could you classify a film about an indomitable warrior seeking revenge against the villain that wronged her in a tropical Mexican villa? Quentin Tarantino’s brilliant two-parter is a wonderful reminder that the Western isn’t necessarily about a specific time and place, but an atmosphere and presentation. Tarantino’s trademark dialogue is as sharp as ever, showing audiences that vengeance against someone you hate is difficult enough, and vengeance against someone you love is a road that no one should have to travel. The Bride (Uma Thurman) travels down both roads through the course of this film, but her resolve remains as steely as ever — it is a modern, stylish Western of the highest order, that only Tarantino could deliver.

Image Source: Disney Plus