The 25 Greatest Thrillers of All-Time

Too often confused with horror, a great thriller fills you with dread, excitement, and buzzing edge-of-your-seat tension. These are the defining films of the thriller genre.

25. Argo

Original Release — October 12, 2012

The Best Picture winner from Ben Affleck is a ridiculously tense tale — made all the more frantic with its true story basis. As the Iranian revolution rages, a group of Americans are trapped in the Middle Eastern nation, desperate to be extracted. Affleck’s — who served as star, director, writer, and producer — Tony Mendez leads a CIA rescue operation under the guise of a Canadian film crew making a movie.

The conflict around them is destructive by the time they get to Iran, but the bombs of a revolution are rarely stifled after day one — danger continues to lurk around every corner, both militaristic and diplomatic. Affleck knows exactly how to use each moment to full effect, drawing out the simplest of actions into grating exercises of patience. Who would have thought that two movie producers trying to cross a hot set to answer a phone would result in a nail-biting experience? With a bead of sweat almost constantly threatening to drop down your face, Argo gives us one of the best examples of a pure thriller, which seem to have all but disappeared from modern Hollywood.

Image Source: IMDb