The 25 Greatest Sci-Fi Films of All-Time

23. Inception

Original Release — July 16, 2010

For director Christopher Nolan the only way to follow up the near-universally celebrated The Dark Knight was to deliver a bold vision of a near-future where dreams and reality have become erratically intertwined. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) leads a team of international thieves tasked with planting an idea rather than stealing one.

Too often, filmmakers are given the gift of a great idea, but the curse of not knowing how to explain it. Nolan and his screenwriting partner/brother Jonathan take careful measures to make sure the act of inception is never too lofty or impersonal to be misunderstood — you never want your sci-fi premise to become bogged down in its own weight.

As Cobb’s team delves deeper into more chaotic levels of dreams, the rules of physics and time warp, just as they do in our own subconscious sleep state. The attention to detail in the screenplay lets Christopher Nolan shoot with his trademark eye for grand-scale cinema — the stunts and camera work make us feel like we are floating — simultaneously — in someone’s dream and nightmare. With an ending still up for debate, we should be fortunate to get films that still encourage us to discuss and communicate.

Image Source: IMDb