The 25 Greatest Rom-Coms of All-Time

23. Set It Up

Set It Up (2018) is a Netflix rom-com starring Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell. The two play Harper and Charlie, who are overworked and miserable at their jobs as assistants to corporate bosses. In hopes of making their lives easier, they devise a plan to matchmake their respective bosses — but fall for each other in the process.

Deutch and Powell have such excellent chemistry in this, it makes me hope they take the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore route and keep making rom-coms together for as long as they can. On top of that, this movie is a fun and fresh look at how two people can fall in love without even trying. In an era that doesn’t have too many new and exciting romantic comedies in theaters, this one embraces the fundamental parts of the genre that made it so popular to begin with and combines it with a fresh plot, up and coming actors, and great comedy.

Image Source: Netflix