The 25 Greatest Rom-Coms of All-Time

24. Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride (1999) reunites Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, and director Garry Marshall for another romp around the rom-com genre — nine years after their success with Pretty Woman. Starkly different in tone and plot from Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride follows small town girl Maggie Carpenter (Roberts) as she’s profiled by journalist Ike Graham (Gere.) Maggie has run away from three separate weddings, and in the midst of her fourth engagement, Ike sets out to report on if she’ll make it down the aisle this time around.

Not every movie can be perfect, and this one definitely isn’t. However, it’s still deeply enjoyable, and a lighthearted watch. Not to mention, the chemistry between Roberts and Gere remains palpable — watching those two fall in love is never a bad time.

Image Source: Getty Images