The 25 Greatest Holiday Films of All-Time

From Claymation classics to modern comedies, these films bring generations and families together with a little extra warmth around the holidays.

25. Christmas with the Kranks

Original Release — November 24, 2004

Practically all of us know that one family that goes overboard with their Christmas decorations and celebrations — and we love them for it. Foregoing the usual magical menagerie, the Kranks (icons Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis) decide a tropical vacation is in order. Essentially told in two parts, their quarrels with stubborn neighbors reaches its height when they suddenly need the help of their disgruntled friends — the Kranks’ daughter is coming home for Christmas unexpectedly. Nonplussed at the prospect, this overly enthusiastic community bands together to create the Christmas of the century.

Beaming with cheer and iconography, Kranks is the story of a town more than a family — the quaint city you see on Pinterest and Instagram, amazed it could ever actually exist. On a holiday like Christmas, the lines become blurred at what family exactly means — and rightfully so. To celebrate with the people you love, no matter how much they can get on your nerves, is always the perfect way of making sure the season shines bright.

Image Source: Rotten Tomatoes