The 25 Greatest Films of All-Time

Despite the massive expanse of genres and stories in films, so many directors, writers, and producers can trace their love of the silver screen back to almost universally revered movies. From Hollywood’s Golden Age to the modern blockbuster, these are the great films that have made their mark on the industry and pushed the art form forward.

25. The Dark Knight

Director Christopher Nolan may have created the most realistic and nuanced version of Batman in Batman Begins, but 2008’s The Dark Knight cemented not only his style as a filmmaker, but gave audiences their version of the Caped Crusader and his cackling arch nemesis that they never knew they needed to see. Giving a comic book film the aesthetic of an epic crime thriller took the over-the-top camp away from the typical adaptations.

With the cinema landscape becoming more and more saturated with formerly illustrated heroes, an entire genre of film was defined by this new account of what it meant to be a hero. The Dark Knight’s Bruce Wayne is a protagonist that wants to retire, wants to hang up the cape and cowl for good — a hero with a trajectory was a rare occurrence before The Dark Knight. Nolan’s vision showed audiences and critics that a comic-book film can exist beyond the confines of its own genre, feats that haven’t even been topped by the mega blockbuster that is Avengers: Endgame.

Image Source: IMDb