The 25 Greatest Fantasy Films of All-Time

24. Life of Pi

Original Release — November 21, 2012

Much like its typical genre counterpart of science fiction, so much of fantasy exists as an illuminated allegory of conflicts we face in everyday life. Intermixing fantasy, adventure, and religion, Ang Lee’s Life of Pi almost completely transcends what is possible on the big screen through stunning visual effects that enhance its storytelling. Framed as a man recounting his life’s story to a journalist, a young man and a tiger trapped on a boat after their ship sinks.

While once seeing each other as predator and prey, the trials and tribulations they face together on the open ocean turns them into dependent comrades — one’s survival depends on the other. As the interview continues, the journalist comes to believe certain details of this extraordinary tale have been embellished — but does it matter? The story of a person’s life is subjective to them and them alone. The lessons of life are steeped in pain and difficulty — we all could use a little fantasy to understand its meaning.

Image Source: IMDb