The 25 Greatest Fantasy Films of All-Time

Whether in the hands of our favorite actors or wonderfully animated characters, we could all use a little fantasy in our lives — now more than ever. These are the 25 greatest examples of the films that bring wonder and imagination onto the big screen.

25. Jumanji

Original Release — December 15, 1995

While the newer reboot series featuring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson embraces the more adventurous side of the franchise’s narrative possibilities, the Robin Williams original remains an exciting dark fantasy flick. Board games are a fabulous and fun pastime, but who hasn’t wished they could live out those adventures instead of moving tiny pieces across cardboard? The horrid consequences of such a wish are granted to Alan Parish (Williams) when he is sucked into and spat out of the titular board game.

As the animals and hunters from inside the game begin to descend into our real world, we soon see that we aren’t the kings of the jungle we imagine ourselves to be. Fabulous set pieces and an enduring sweetness continue to make this film relevant even when A-listers like the The Rock are pushing the franchise into the future.

Image Source: IMDb