The 25 Funniest TV Series of All-Time

Whether recent, or considered a classic, some television shows have the ability to elicit laughter and joy beyond imagination.

25. Schitt’s Creek

Original Run — 2015-2020

The ultimate bougie family is forced to acclimate to the most blue-collar neighborhood imaginable — and the results are hilarious. Besides being known as the dad from American Pie, Eugene Levy finally gets his time to shine to a mass audience as Johnny Rose, a cheated multi-millionaire who comically fails to reteach his family their monetary and moral values. The “fish out of water” concept is a go-to television trope, but Schitt’s Creek stretches it to proportions and scenarios that crack you up from scene to scene.

Though its humor benefits from a ridiculously talented cast — anchored by Levy and his go-to screen partner Catherine O’Hara as his pill-popping and easily haggard wife Moira — the show also exists as a poignant examination of the haves and have-nots. Audiences are treated to remarkably real-life situations of the wealth gap in action, hopefully giving us pause the next time we judge those who simply choose to live life a different way.

Image Source: NBC News