The 21 Must-See Artists At Coachella 2017 You May Not Already Know

While the headliners are undoubtedly important to a music festival, any seasoned festival-goer will tell you that the undercard is what makes the experience truly special. There’s nothing better than wandering the festival and discovering some amazing new artist you had never heard of. So, to give you a little help, we are going to highlight some of the lesser known performers on the lineup that should definitely be on your radar this year.

1. Mac DeMarco

Performing: Day 1
Essential Track: “Freaking Out The Neighborhood”

I know to some Mac is a pretty well known artist, but I’ve met too many people during the research of this piece that had no clue who he was. So, to all of you reading that have yet to discover the deliciously relaxing slacker rock of this Canadian singer – get ready to join the fan club. DeMarco’s tunes have the ability to instantly put anyone in a better mood and his happiness while performing is incredibly contagious. Make sure you find this jam session for a late day pick-me-up.

Image Source: YouTube