The 10 TV Shows To Watch That Prove You’re Smart & Funny

2. The Wire

David Simon’s lyrical and critically acclaimed masterpiece is an indictment of the institutions that are the bedrock of Baltimore. Each season is a deep dive into these worlds (Police, Docks, Schools, Newspapers, Police again). Simon managed to draw out incredible performances from memorable characters like Stringer Bell, McNulty, Lester Freaman and Omar.

The Wire is long on humanity, even as it explores the gritty, multi-layered topic of urban decay. Years after The Wire’s original airing, it remains relevant. Writer-producer and creator, Simon, was even awarded a genius grant from the MacArthur Foundation, given to only a handful of brilliant innovators. If that wasn’t enough, The Wire also features one of our favorite scenes: when McNulty and Bunk investigate the scene of a crime and drop the F-bomb three-dozen different ways as they recreate the shooting.

Image Source: davidwkeen